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What are solar screens?

Window sun screens or, as some people call them, window solar screens, are fast becoming a popular method of not only protecting your home and its inhabitants from the harsh elements of winter and summer (not to mention the external debris that come with those seasons)—these exterior solar screens, window solar screens and window sun screens are also an effective way to cut down on your energy consumption.

Solar window screens shield against 90 percent of solar rays, efficiently dissipating them; these window solar screens also keep out the biting cold gusts of air in the winter and prevent them from seeping into your homes. Having a milder indoor temperature means not having to increase the usage of your A/C or heating units, translating to a cut in your electricity bill via the use of window solar screens. When using these solar screens, Austin residents and other users have reported a near-30 percent cut on their energy use, meaning these solar window screens are indeed a cost-effective addition to any home.

There are numerous advantages to having exterior solar screens installed; as their name suggests, they keep harmful sunrays from penetrating your glass windows and doors, also protecting your skin from sun damage. Melanoma is a serious disease that can be prevented by limiting sun exposure, and people who are particularly sensitive to the sun do best by avoiding it as much as possible. Solar window screens and exterior solar screens help in that regard by blocking out and effectively scattering nearly 90 percent of heat and rays, minimizing the threat by a great deal.

How Window Solar Screens Keep Furniture Looking Fresh

What causes aging in our skin is also harmful for our surroundings, and our furniture and home fixtures are not exempt. Drapes, rugs, couches and sofas that are frequently exposed to the sun can bleach or fade over time, adding to our expenses. Window sun screens and exterior solar screens, when installed properly, reduce this risk by a considerable amount. Window solar screens prolong the life of all of our indoor furniture and minimize the cost of replacing them.

Window sun screens keep the sun and the cold out, help us save money, protect us from skin cancer and help us keep our outdoor spaces clean from debris—it’s clear to see how the benefits of these solar window screens extend to our indoor and outdoor spaces as well as to our bodies, and why window solar screens make for an energy-efficient and extremely practical purchase.