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Save money buying solar screens for patios

In Austin, the heat can be sweltering. Spending time indoors means cranking up your air conditioner and you might not realize in the moment how much money is actually being spent on cooling costs. You’re simply worried about being comfortable in your own home. However, there is an alternative.

Energy conservation screens can be used to reduce the indoor temperature, keeping it cooler and lowering your cooling costs. Depending on the style you pick, the temperature can be lowered by as much as 20 degrees. When you’re sitting in a living room that’s unbelievably hot, that 20 degrees makes a huge difference. It can translate to an average of 25% in savings. You can buy screens for just about any window in your home. Patio solar screens, for example, can be purchased and installed on the interior or the exterior of the windows. The exterior is more effective, considering it blocks the suns rays before they actually hit the window glass.

An energy conservation screens company designs different types of screens to meet different needs. While some homeowners are very concerned about energy savings and solar protection, some are more concerned about maintaining their view out the window. Patio solar screens will be made using different weaves; tighter weaves will reduce glare and heat while a looser weave will offer a more open view.

One hesitation that comes with these energy saving solar screens is the fact that they are associated with hot weather. You’ll see that buying solar screens for patios in Austin (or to buy for anywhere else in your home, for that matter!) is a great way to save on cooling costs, but what should you do with the screens in the winter? These screens are also effective in the cooler seasons. They insulate your home, keeping heat from escaping out through the glass. 

Another hesitation, despite the amazing energy cost savings, comes from thinking about how they’ll look on your home. If they are blocking out intense sunlight, naturally they have to be thick eyesores, right?

Wrong. Patio solar screens vary in terms of appearance as well as functionality, making it easy to find something you actually like that matches with the look of your home because they will be created specifically for your home. An Austin, TX solar screens company recognizes the importance of using these screens to save money but also the desire to get something that looks nice. The variety in product offerings also belies an understanding that homeowners will use the screens in different ways and in different areas of their homes. Patio solar screens, for example, may require different construction than living room window solar screens. Consider what you want for your home and talk to an energy conservation screens company to figure out what the best options are you to purchase.