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Weather in Austin, TX

Summer temperatures in Austin, TX can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and this extreme heat means an increase in usage of air conditioning, which therefore means a spike in your electrical bill. In regard to solar screens, Austin benefits greatly from these products because installing these means that the indoor area of your home or office space in Austin, TX is then protected from extreme weather elements. Window treatments, Austin-located or not, benefit from solar screens because these Austin custom screens regulate inside temperatures, minimizing the need to increase the use of your A/C and thus saving you a substantial amount on your electrical bill.

During the winter, the weather in Austin, TX can reach as low as the 20s, which can also mean an increase in the use of indoor heating units in your home or workplace. Installing solar protection screens will also reduce the cost of the use of heaters, as the product shields up to 90% of the sun’s heat and harsh UV rays. This also protects home and office furniture and fixtures from sun-fading and bleaching.

Solar Protection Screens

Having Austin custom screens installed in your home or place of residence is not only energy-efficient, it is one of the most practical choices you can ever make. When it comes to solar screens, Austin TX is one of the prime locations in which you can install these products. Extreme changes in weather really make temperature regulation imperative in Austin, TX. Those who have installed these solar screens, Austin residents or otherwise, boast of consuming around 1/3 less energy, which translates to paying around 30 percent less on your electric bill. This number is definitely one to take notice of.

Solar screens and window screens offer both exterior and indoor sun shading. They are made to take in and dispel anywhere from 65-90 percent of the sun’s heat upon reaching your window. These solar protection screens have also been a fixture in buildings in the Austin, TX area since the 1970s, as their designs add character—as well as sun protection—to any façade. The material of these solar screens are lightweight and the fabric used doesn’t add nor take away from the existing temperature of your indoor space; in fact, not only does it protect you from the harsh elements of Austin, TX weather, it also shields from insects, dust, birds and other factors.