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Benefits of buying solar screens

Using energy saving screens in Killeen is actually a really great way to save money and effectively moderate the temperature of your home. The cooling costs of your home are impacted by the sun hitting your windows as much as 56%, leaving you to figure out how to stop the heat rays before they actually hit the glass. Buying solar screens is the answer and considering that the products vary in style and usage, you’re guaranteed to find something that will fit your home. Whether you need garage solar screens or solar window screens, you will find the products you need to meet your needs.

In terms of solar screen benefits, the most important immediate one is the fact that you’ll be saving money on your cooling and heating costs. The solar window screens will prevent the heat rays from actually hitting the glass and spreading the heat throughout the walls of your home. Killeen, TX solar screens can block up to 90% of the sun’s energy and heat, which will keep your home much cooler. It will also prevent heat from dissipating through the glass in the cooler months, saving you money on heating costs as well.

Solar window screens will also lengthen the life of your windows. Sunlight can damage the window pane glazing, which will cause premature leaking and drafting; that’s how heat escapes from your home and causes your heating bills to go up. It will also keep carpets and furniture from getting faded from the sunlight as well, as well as reducing the glare on television or computer screens.

Finally, one of the biggest solar screen benefits is the federal energy tax credit you will qualify for once you install these energy saving screens in Killeen. The goal is compensate homeowners who spend extra to purchase energy saving models of certain products as opposed to spending the minimum to buy the standard model. You can apply for the energy credit after buying solar window screens or garage solar screens when you file your taxes. 

While these are not the only benefits associated with Killeen Metro solar screens, it’s a good overview of everything you stand to gain when you install them in your home. Porch, window and garage solar screens will all save you money on your bills, protect your home, and qualify you for the tax credit, all on top of making your home more comfortable to be in long-term.