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Choosing between exterior solar screens for your patio

Making the decision to invest in the best patio solar screens is just the first step towards lower cooling and heating costs. There are a few different factors to consider when actually deciding between different products, so it’s not quite as simple as just saying, “yes!” to savings. You need to think first about what you want out of the product. Is the goal just energy savings or are you looking to maintain your view out the window? That will impact the openness you go with when purchasing solar enclosures for patios and other windows. Another factor would be how much you want the screen style to match your home.

Patio enclosure screens are created using a single layer of fabric with a weave. The weave density will ultimately affect the view. 5% openness on the screen will let in less light than 14% openness, for example. It will also affect your view. The former screen will let you see out less than the latter screen. If you are buying solar screens in Austin, TX, this is something you’ll need to evaluate before making your final purchase. Connect with a technician and discuss what you need out of the exterior solar screens and see what he or she recommends.

One helpful hint for deciding what level of openness you’ll want for your exterior solar screens is to consider where you’ll be putting them. Solar enclosures for patios, for example, will probably require a looser weave, allowing you to see out of the windows more and enjoy the view. Your bedroom, on the other hand, will benefit from a tighter weave because it will let in less sunlight and heat, leaving you more comfortable when it comes time to go to sleep.

Another hint would be to consider the cost. In Austin, solar screens cost is based on the size of the order and the job. A technician will deliver and install the screens on your home. You can do it all at once or see how different types of exterior solar screens function in different areas of your home.

In Austin, solar protection screens' cost benefit ratio pays for itself over time. While you are evaluating these factors and going over the cost with a technician, you can crunch the numbers to see just how much you’ll be saving in cooling, heating, and energy costs. You also can’t count out the livability factor. Having these exterior solar screens will make your home a lot more comfortable and you will be much happier, without even thinking about the cost.